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We are bringing together a team of experts to reinstate health care as a fundamental human right in Africa.

We are disruptors and innovators. Critical-thinkers and straight-shooters. Connectors and collaborators. Market access experts and political landscape advisors. We represent a breadth of expertise and diverse perspectives from sub-Saharan Africa and globally.

We have created a progressive environment for passionate professionals, who are interested in putting their talents toward tackling the health challenges that impede quality and accessible healthcare.

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Do you have experience in African health care markets? Our extended team are experts in local market landscapes, disruptors of the status quo and passionate about finding sustainable and socially-informed solutions to some of the most persistent health challenges.

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What it’s like to work with us

Our team always aims to deliver excellence for our clients and by extension the continent. We are relentless optimists, whose beliefs are grounded in rigorous analytics and robust insights that we gather from getting up close and personal with the issues, the social and political context, and the gatekeepers.  

Successful team members are those who are solutions-oriented and committed to excellence in everything they do. 

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Testimonials from our staff

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“MAA brings together an incredibly talented group of African professionals from all walks of life with excellent expertise on the issues facing the continent. Our mission goes beyond supporting access to medicines and diagnostics and really extends to changing the narrative about Africa's leadership and impact."

Sara Amara
Regulatory affairs and policy analyst

“I enjoy working with Market Access Africa because the consultants have a spectrum of different experience and specialties that are focused on Africa. With this mix, innovative but relevant solutions can be found for a broad range of Africa-centric scenarios.” 

Nick Bright
Diagnostics Expert

"Working with Market Access Africa gives me an opportunity to put my uniquely African perspective, experience and love for the continent to good use. I enjoy helping our clients create thoughtful and contextually appropriate solutions to Africa’s health challenges."

Azhee Akinrin

“I enjoy working with Market Access Africa because of the diversity of skills making a great team and every assignment exciting. The different teams are carefully selected and the end product is something that I am always proud of.” 

Kundai Moyo
Monitoring & Evaluation

“I love that MAA is an African and women-led firm with an organizational footprint across Africa. I contributed to different diagnostics projects and developed vital research and management skills. Wale is a visionary leader who combines high intellectual, social and emotional intelligence in a uniquely impressive way.”

Ezekiel Boro
Consultant- Life Sciences

"The genuinely patient-focused approach and the commitment to finding sustainable solutions to the unmet needs of patients in resource limited communities is inspirational. It has been rewarding and stimulating to collaborate with a diverse, knowledgeable group of experts to find sustainable solutions that confront access to Healthcare in Africa."

Sheldon Purdy
Consultant – Commercial: Social Enterprise

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