Reimagining African healthcare

Market Access Africa is a mission-driven healthcare organization that works with the public, private and third-sector to design and deliver transformational healthcare solutions for Africa.

We envision an Africa where world-class healthcare is the standard, and where deep-rooted inequities in access to lifesaving technologies and services are a thing of the past. To solve complex problems on the ground, we curate and advance bold, new ideas to accelerate access to the best innovations and appropriate solutions for Africa’s health systems and markets.

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Areas of Expertise

We deliver extensive knowledge and expertise on health systems and markets to help our partners solve complex challenges across the African continent.

We are daring to raise the level of ambition for what is possible in African healthcare. We do this by partnering with organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to develop bespoke solutions that recognize and leverage the uniqueness and dynamism of the different African countries where we work.

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Product Commercialization

Our work on product introduction and commercialization brings together the firm’s expertise in commercial life science, healthcare markets, and public health. We work with product developers and innovators across the value chain to accelerate and streamline the product introduction pathway.

Healthcare Delivery

We work with public and third sector healthcare organizations to build and implement world class programs, increase capacity, improve systems, and deliver transformational results.

Public Affairs

We leverage our deep networks with policy-makers and key opinion leaders across the continent to convene novel, game-changing partnerships that design bold transformative policy campaigns and initiatives, mobilize resources, and influence change.

Health System Enablers

We help our partners to deploy cutting-edge technologies and solutions that have the potential to radically expand access to lifesaving products and services in the public and private healthcare sectors.

Our case Studies

Our partners

Our work cuts across the entire healthcare value chain. We take a multi-disciplinary approach and apply our deep expertise to solve complex problems and bring about access to the latest and best health tools and service delivery models.

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Meet Our People

Our team of seasoned experts combine experience at leading healthcare organizations, and  lived experience across the African continent. This drives the way in which we shape innovation and drive change through challenging the status quo and thinking boldly about a new era in African healthcare.

Olawale Ajose
Olawale Ajose
Managing Partner
Kudzai Makomva
Kudzai Makomva
Managing Partner
Shabnam Zavahir
Shabnam Zavahir
Spring Gombe
Spring Gombe

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