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About Market Access Africa

Market Access Africa is a healthcare organization that works with the public, private and third sectors to design and deliver transformational healthcare solutions for Africa.

Our organization is made up of thinkers and doers who are seasoned experts in global healthcare markets, the life sciences, and policy and bring relentless passion and decades of experience from living and working on the continent.

We are bound by our ambition to reimagine African healthcare by enabling robust and self-sufficient health systems that serve the needs of citizens, providing equitable, affordable, and world-class health products and services to all.

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Resourceful Leaders

Who We Are

We partner with public, private and third sector clients that are bringing investment, new products and technologies, or innovative delivery models, and help them to successfully navigate the African healthcare market and understand the varying regulatory and policy landscapes.

Our team has served some of the largest international health organizations and each holds over a decade of experience working across African countries and globally.

Our clients benefit from such deep expertise and our ability to operate across the entire health care value chain.

By leveraging our vast network, we bring together game-changing partnerships to achieve sustainable and localized impact and help them understand varying political landscapes. This often includes facilitating research and development, building unique multi-disciplinary partnerships, securing financing, navigating the regulatory landscape improvements, as well as managing on-the-ground design and delivery or distribution of products and services.

Our work is specifically contributing to the call for a New Public Health Order in Africa and enhancing health systems that put people above profits.

We currently operate from our offices in South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, and Kenya and our headquarters in Switzerland.

Audacious and inventive thinking

Our Founding Story

We are motivated by a growing demand for high-quality, ​​contextually relevant, and affordable technologies from a dynamic African healthcare market.

We have witnessed how broken the global health system is and the lack of on-the-ground impact that has occurred at the expense of the people on the African continent. Working on the continent every day, we have been surrounded by innovators and disruptors, researchers, and health system administrators who are brilliant, resourceful, and brimming with original ideas for how to improve healthcare in their various contexts.

Yet, on the other hand, we have observed a chasm between these exciting developments and the continued proliferation of solutions and technologies that are developed outside the continent and fail to achieve lasting, transformative impact in our environment.

We are convinced that now, more than ever, we need to bring audacious and inventive thinking to harness the talent and innovation in the African healthcare sector. We see an opportunity to emphasize the potential for market forces to bring about lasting change and the opportunity to disrupt the entrenched inequities around us.

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Our approach

the way we work

To achieve our ambition to provide equitable, affordable and high quality healthcare to all, we align our work to the following philosophies.

Get close to the problem
We believe you cannot solve Africa’s healthcare problems from a distance. We have to get close to the issues, the patients, the social and political context, and the gatekeepers. Only then can we build programs and products that are vital, relevant, distinctive and impactful.

Challenge the status quo
If we want to solve complex problems, we must be willing to move away from the herd mentality of how health services are delivered in Africa, and instead embrace innovative and creative solutions that originate from and are responsive to the African context, challenge the status quo and create lasting value for patients and the health system.

Strive for impact
Ideas are easy but impact is hard. Successfully taking ideas from the whiteboard to the market requires grit and passion that comes from having a vested interest in the outcomes and a commitment to Africa. It also demands experience and the acumen to define the plan and fully execute.

Always deliver excellence
To serve the best interests of our partners and the patient whom we ultimately service, high quality delivery is of the utmost importance. This is imperative at every stage, from research and development, rigorous market analysis, all the way through to delivery and distribution. We believe that an uncompromising commitment to excellence is imperative to realize the ambitious transformation that we envision for the continent and its health systems.

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