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Through our array of projects, we're strengthening diagnostic systems and propelling the rapid adoption of new innovations across sub-Saharan Africa.


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Project completed projects across Africa spanning market research, product development, and market access.


The number of African countries where we have implemented diagnostic projects

Despite the clear link between early diagnostics, improved health outcomes, and reduced out-of-pocket spending, the value of diagnostics has often been overlooked by policymakers, healthcare workers, and patients in sub-Saharan Africa. This historical neglect has resulted in limited diagnostic access across the region.

However, Africa's diagnostic sector is undergoing a transformative shift. This evolution is driven by increased healthcare spending, rising disposable incomes, and a growing recognition of the importance of robust testing and surveillance systems. The urgency of this need has been further emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic, reinforcing the imperative for self-sufficiency in research, development, and manufacturing of diagnostic tools.

Looking ahead, we believe Africa is poised to emerge as a pivotal hub for diagnostic research and manufacturing, moving beyond its role as a mere consumer to become a leader in its own right. Our initiatives in diagnostics are aimed at advancing this vision, nurturing Africa's evolution into a central force for research, development, and manufacturing.

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We envision an Africa where world-class healthcare is the standard, and where deep-rooted inequities in access to lifesaving technologies and services are a thing of the past.

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