Advancing the Introduction of Innovative HIV Prevention Tools

June 19, 2024
Advancing the Introduction of Innovative HIV Prevention Tools

Our partnership with a leading international financing organization help to inform the design of organizational investments supporting introduction of new HIV prevention tools

The client is a leading international financing organization dedicated to ending the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria. Established in 2002, the client mobilizes and invests nearly $4 billion annually to support programs in over 100 countries, working closely with governments, civil society, the private sector, and affected communities..

The Problem

As a prominent procurer of HIV-related products, the client plays a pivotal role in driving the introduction and widespread adoption of new prevention strategies. However, they encountered significant hurdles in expanding evidence-based HIV prevention initiatives, particularly in adopting innovative prevention products. With the ambitious goal of achieving a 75% reduction in HIV incidence by 2020, the client recognized the pressing need to bridge this gap effectively.

Countries grappled with the intricate challenge of identifying and addressing gaps in HIV prevention efforts. The urgency of this endeavor was further emphasized by the failure to meet global targets and the rapidly evolving landscape of HIV prevention methods. The imperative to integrate innovative prevention products and service delivery mechanisms became increasingly apparent in light of UNAIDS' global targets for 2025.

The Solution 

Market Access Africa was commissioned to support the client's Country Teams in scaling up evidence-based and innovative HIV prevention interventions. This involved aligning internal departments, ensuring cohesion with scientific evidence, analyzing program data and policies, and engaging partners for national policy development.

Our experts implemented a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges. We ensured internal cohesion and synergy across different departments, aligning timelines for introducing country-specific products with the priorities and needs identified by national stakeholders. Additionally, our team actively engaged with partners to contribute to the development of national policies, leveraging their expertise and networks to enhance the effectiveness of HIV prevention strategies.

Drawing upon valuable insights and best practices from previous HIV product introductions, we meticulously crafted plans for the implementation of new prevention products. These concerted efforts were underpinned by a commitment to internal alignment, evidence-based methodologies, and strategic partnerships, all aimed at overcoming barriers to HIV prevention and advancing the organizations mission.

The Outcome

Market Access Africa delivered four key outputs for the client, each strategically designed to address critical aspects of their objectives. Firstly, we provided a comprehensive Strawman Process Map for the client’s product introduction to identify challenges and deficiencies through an iterative approach. This involved collaborative cross-functional team sessions to co-create solutions, ensuring an accelerated approach in anticipation of the upcoming funding cycle. Secondly, our stakeholder mapping exercise facilitated enhanced coordination and partnership building by conducting targeted consultations for insights and validation, ultimately mapping out key stakeholders crucial for successful product introduction.

Thirdly, our team developed a draft business case for catalytic investment, which outlined the patient journey, both current and future, while assessing the competitive landscape for HIV product introduction. This included identifying best practices for long-term sustainability. These outputs collectively informed and enriched the client's New Product Introduction (NPI) strategy for HIV treatment products, ensuring alignment with their overarching goals and objectives.

This case study highlights our role in addressing the challenges faced by the client in introducing and scaling up new HIV prevention products, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to aligning internal efforts, engaging stakeholders, and contributing to strategic planning. The impact and results of these efforts will be tracked over time

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